Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Recognize and Release Energy Vampires

Sometimes you meet someone and you feel very energized and connected with life. You feel joyous energy all around you in their presence. You want to spend more time with such people. And sometimes it also happens that you meet someone and immediately you feel drained, exhausted and confused. These are vampires who suck your life force because they are not connected with their inner light. They have to survive on other people’s light. This could be very draining on energy for you.

You cannot satisfy a vampire

The interesting thing to notice is – You cannot satisfy a vampire. No matter how good you behave, how much you give of yourself, there is a black hole that is never satisfied, never happy, always hungry for more.

Vampire’s agenda

Vampires come in many packages. Some have their own body and others do not. One common thread you may notice is – they cannot connect with the source of light within themselves. Their basic agenda is to consume your life force. Another name of this game is – Psychic warfare.

The two energy centers they use to do their tricks

The two chakras that vampires commonly attack are solar plexus chakra and the third eye chakra. Solar plexus chakra is used for draining the life force and third eye chakra is used for draining the will force.

Signs felt in the body

1. Feelings of something just not being right.
2. Your gut feelings tells you that the feelings you get from it are not normal, or come from an external source.
3. Physical fatigue that cannot be explained by other means
4. Unexplained lack of concentration
5. Lately people tend to stay away from you
6. Things constantly going wrong

And there could be many more versions and variations of these signs of possible psychic energy interference.

Protect yourself from energy vampires

Your body has all the intelligence to guide you, protect you and tell you the difference between what’s right and what’s not right. Your gut, your stomach is the most accurate psychic on this planet. The challenge is to connect with this accuracy within. Just a little practice of this skill and you will be empowered for the rest of your life. Just be a little aware of your body. Where are you?
May be your feet touches the ground. Be aware of it.
May be your hand is holding the phone. Be aware of it.
May be you are sitting on a chair. Be aware of your butt.
And so on…simply being aware of your body, where are you…is the first step and a very powerful one to protect yourself from energy vampires.

May you be free from all energy vampires.

Love and Blessings, Satish Dholakia

Meet Master Healer Satish Dholakia

Healings are offered by Satish Dholakia, a dedicated spiritual healer - teacher and Master NLP practitioner from Mumbai, India. Not bound to any traditions or philosophies, he prefers to heal and teach from the spontaneous flow through him. Clairvoyant and Clairaudient since a child, he spent years in communion with the divine, sharing his psychic gifts with an open heart. Satish founded Inner Cosmos in Mumbai, India in 1991 currently offers energy healing classes and private sessions in Los Angeles, California. Group classes are offered internationally upon request.

Love and Blessings, Satish