Thursday, June 15, 2006

Zen Master's Magic

A Zen master who was also a magician...famous magician...
Many people wanted to be his disciples.
He was very choosy.
Not everybody was allowed to be his student...his disciple.
What he did was simply fascinating....sheer magic....real magic.
One fine day a young fellow showed up at his space.
Wanted to learn magic.
The master looks at him...
Asks him to come early morning the next day.
The seeker was disciplined.
Arrived in time...early begin his lessons.
The master invited him to swim in the river.
The fellow was a bit amazed.
What has magic to do with swimming?
Will see...what the master has in his mind...
Early morning...cold winter morning....freezing waters....
The master was very strong and tall.
The "would be" student enters the river with the master.
The master takes him further and further deeper in the river.
All is well.
The fellow is freezing.
Does not say a word.
The master is enjoying the water...just as a swimmer would enjoy the water.
The master holds this fellow's head and pushes him in the water.
Shouts at him...what do you want to do?
The fellow is scarred to death.
Trembling he replies...
get me out of this freakin water.
The master pushes him back in the water...
and shouts again...what do you want to do?
the fellow is really scarred.
Starts crying.
Please get me out of this water.
The master compassionately brings him out.
And tells him: When each and every cell of your body wants to learn magic...
Above water...below water....wherever....
When each and every cell of your compelled to learn magic...
Come to me.
My doors will open for you.
Right now you need some preparation.
Under forgot everything about magic.
When you arrive at that state...where each and every cell...all they want to do is learn magic....
I'll appear...wherever you are.
For now...go back...and prepare yourself.

This story is very symbolic.

Magic is happening all around you.
It’s all about asking your self – Am I ready for the magic?

Love and Blessings for a magical time.
Satish Dholakia