Wednesday, May 24, 2006

How to allow your spirit to shine

Your mind is very ancient. It is not new.
It has memories of hundreds of past lives and the seeds of future..
Like the stock market, 
Your mind and the body have seen many ups and downs.
Lots of experiences...wisdom...mysteries stored deep within.
All you need to do is listen to be able to connect with this wisdom.
And a magic happens....
Your spirit shines like early morning sun...
Inner darkness disappears.
Healing happens.
One of the easiest techniques to listen to the body:
Find a comfortable space and a convenient time 
where you will not be disturbed.
Lie down or sit on a chair...whatever is comfortable.
Place your hands on your belly region.
Just a gentle touch.
And slowly close your eyes.
Thoughts may come...thoughts may go.
That's their job.
Don't be much concerned about them.
Simply continue to relax your breath and
stay connected with your body.
Try this technique for 20 min a day for 21 days.
This sounds simple...but it is not.
Mind has a pattern to be active all the time.
To be still...not doing anything...simply being...could be a bit difficult.
In just a few days you'll feel very connected with yourself and others
and eventually with mother nature.
By doing've given some space for your spirit to shine.
The psychic within you is born.

Meet Master Healer Satish Dholakia

Healings and Meditations are offered by Satish Dholakia, a dedicated spiritual healer - teacher and Master NLP practitioner from Mumbai, India. Not bound to any traditions or philosophies, he prefers to heal and teach from the spontaneous flow through him. Clairvoyant and Clairaudient since a child, he spent years in communion with the divine, sharing his psychic gifts with an open heart. Satish founded Inner Cosmos in Mumbai, India in 1991 currently offers energy healing classes and private sessions in Los Angeles, California. Group classes are offered internationally upon request.

Love and Blessings, Satish