Wednesday, March 14, 2007

How to clearly think with focus

Once a poor artist lived in a village.
He was a very talented and used to create so many beautiful designs.
It was truly a magical experience to see his art.
Though he worked very hard, he could barely make his two ends meet.

Every day this artist would go to the forest to cut some wood from the trees. This wood was used as fuel for the kitchen by his wife. Every day was the same routine.

One day as he was just about to cut a tree, he heard a soft voice.
The voice said – Please stop! Don’t cut this tree.
The artist could not see anyone around.
Again, he positioned himself to cut the tree.
As he raised his axe to cut the tree, he heard that same soft voice –
Please stop! Don’t cut the tree.
The artist was scared and confused.
He asked in a frightened voice – Who are you? Where are you?
The voice replied – I’m the tree fairy. This tree is my home. If you cut this tree, I’ll be homeless. If you spare my home, I’ll grant you a wish in return – You can wish for anything you want.

The artist felt blank.
He said – I cannot really think at this moment. I must talk to my wife about this wish.
I’ll be back soon. Please wait right here.

The fairy’s said – Thank you. Take your own time.

The artist rushed back to his village.
On the way, he met his best friend.
The friend asked – What’s the matter? Why this rush?

The artist said – A tree fairy in the forest has granted me a wish to wish for anything.
I’m confused. I’m going home to ask my wife’s advice.

The friend said - “Why bother your wife? I’m your best friend. Go back to the tree fairy and ask her to make you the king of a prosperous and an abundant kingdom. Then you can have all the comforts and luxuries and you will never have to work in your entire life. You will be extremely rich”.

“Thanks for your advice. But, I must first talk to my wife”.

Soon the artist reached his small home in the village. He told his wife about the tree fairy and his friend’s advice. The wife thought for a while and then said – Don’t follow your friend’s words. You don’t have any experience to be a king. You may be constantly worried about being attacked. With that kind of wealth you loose peace of mind.
Simply listen to me – Just ask the tree fairy to give you another head and an extra pair of hands. This way you can think twice, see more and can accomplish twice as much with the other pair of hands. This way you can earn twice and we’ll be able to save more and get ahead financially and eventually we can buy a new home of our dreams.

The artist thought that this was a brilliant idea. He rushed back to the tree in the forest.
On reaching the tree he called out loudly – O tree fairy, I’ve come back to express my wish.

“Please express your wish and it will be granted now” – the tree fairy said.

“Please grant me an extra head and an extra pair of hands”.

Immediately the wish was granted. Now the artist had two heads and four hands. He was very happy. He ran towards his village to show his new manifestation to his wife.

On the way, so many people noticed this strange creature. It was shocking and scary to see him. A big crowd gathered around him. The crowd thought that he was a monster who had come to eat up their children. So they started beating him and throwing stones at him till he died.

Thoughtless and unintelligent choices transform our blessings into curses.

How to have thoughtful and intelligent choices in our life?

Staying centered and grounded. Staying connected with your body.
Receiving guidance from your inner psychic in the silence of your heart.

Love and Blessings,
Satish Dholakia