Friday, March 16, 2007

Breathing Joy

Breath is the most important sign of life.
Breath continues…life continues. Breath stops…life stops.
Right breathing and one can experience life filled with vitality and joy and
Wrong breathing introduces many physical, mental, emotional and spiritual challenges.

Two disciples were chatting
“My master can fly and walk on water. What does your master do?” asked one.
The other replied – “My master is miraculous. He eats when he’s hungry. He drinks when he’s thirsty and he sleeps when he’s tired.”

That is simplicity.
Life is simple. Existence is simple.
Our minds are complex.
It’s complicated to understand simple life through our complex minds.

How to go beyond the mind?
By being present with the body.
How to be present with the body?
Breathing right.

Oxygen is life.
Carbon dioxide is non-supportive to the body.
Breath comes in…Oxygen…Life force comes in.
Breath goes out…Carbon dioxide…non-supportive energy goes out.

Five components to right breathing

Slow, Smooth, Deep, Relaxed, Joyful

With just a little awareness and a little practice, you can open up many higher dimensions of psychic and spiritual realities…all by just breathing right.

May you master the art of right breathing.

Meet Master Healer Satish Dholakia

Healings are offered by Satish Dholakia, a dedicated spiritual healer - teacher and Master NLP practitioner from Mumbai, India. Not bound to any traditions or philosophies, he prefers to heal and teach from the spontaneous flow through him. Clairvoyant and Clairaudient since a child, he spent years in communion with the divine, sharing his psychic gifts with an open heart. Satish founded Inner Cosmos in Mumbai, India in 1991 currently offers energy healing classes and private sessions in Los Angeles, California. Group classes are offered internationally upon request.

Love and Blessings, Satish